Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gaufre Gourmet (Part 2)

(Original Review -- August 2011)
(Third Review -- March 2012)

After enduring two days where my stomach practically begged for waffles, I relented and headed to Gaufre Gourmet in downtown Portland. They had been at the Green Castle food pod last year before the place shut down, forcing carts to relocate. Charlene Wesler runs this cart with her boyfriend. Charlene went with waffles because it provides a canvas for countless combinations.

Come on, who doesn't love waffles? This place is bound to covert those anti-waffle Joes and Janes.

I noticed there were fewer items on the regular menu than my first visit last summer, yet I recognized a few mainstays like the Maple Bacon, Milk and Honey, and Chunky Monkey.

Regular waffle menu
(February 2012)
Drink menu
(February 2012)
My eyes darted to the Caramel Apple Waffle ($6). It has apples in it, so that should automatically make it a pretty healthy option, right? OK fine, it's sauteed spiced apples, but that's still awesome. Let's see...peanuts and peanut butter are nice for unsaturated fats and protein! Gotta fill this stomach somehow!

Oh, the whole caramel sauce deal and the pastry cream portion of the description? Um...well, yes, that could rock me to sleep, but it's all good! We want flavor! Sweet baby Jesus flavor!

Caramel Apple Waffle
(Gaufre Gourmet)
And a sweet baby Jesus of a presentation. Will I go to hell if I eat this? I can go to one of those confession booths later, if need be.

And for eating the waffle, God nuked thy gluttonous panda with severe food coma.

It might be the most decadent dish I've had in a while. The abundance of peanut butter and Spanish peanuts attacked my stomach with multiple textures, attempting to score a premature surrender. The apples were this warm, heavenly gift countering the heavy peanut aspects. I wanted to get on my knees and start praising the Lord. The waffle had a firm, crisp outside and a soft interior. My belly wanted to wave the white flag near the end, but my eyes and heart refused. In layman's terms? It's a meal of a waffle and it's holy delicious.

Next time, I might consider a less filling waffle. The peanut butter and Spanish peanuts became an anchor as the minutes rolled by. I might have won the battle against the Caramel Apple Waffle, but completely lost the war. I was immobile and listless back home, forgoing any dinner. On the bright side, Charlene saved me money! Thanks!

You will also see frequent specials at this cart. Charlene's even done specials with Southern influences, such as a waffle with sausage gravy and a waffle topped with pulled pork. Yes, it's like I torture myself as I write this review.

How about this for a waffle special?!
Biscuit waffle and sausage gravy? Yes!
(Photo taken 2/9/12)
Possible drink specials!
(Photo taken 2/9/12)
Head to Gaufre Gourmet in downtown Portland and get one of Charlene's enlightening waffles!

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