Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Speedy Tacos

Speedy Tacos is a Mexican food truck found at the corner of Commercial St. SE and Ferry St. in Salem, Oregon.

I still have a burrito addiction.

Back in college, I ate the frozen ones found in stores when living in off-campus housing. Then I got completely sick of them and avoided these wrapped bundles of joy like the plague. Then, for some random reason in Oregon, I started eating burritos at several Mexican food carts and never looked back. What a random cycle of life.

So this particular cart is your standard Mexican food truck menu, serving tacos, burritos, and combo plates.

(February 2012)
Ooh, the word "spicy" popped up again! Which for me is extremely mild, but still, it's like a baby infatuated with shiny objects. Must get it.

Spicy Pork Burrito
(Speedy Tacos)
Cross-section of burrito
I got the spicy pork burrito ($5): diced spicy pork, lettuce, white rice, beans, and salsa inside a large flour tortilla. I nixed the sour cream (which would have also gone in the burrito). Fresh veggies and salsa were a hit. The pork had good flavor and stayed juicy. Honestly, I wish I had more meat in this one, even though the ratio of meat to non-meat items was fairly balanced. The rice was on the gummy side, but at least it helped combine everything. The tortilla was warm, likely steamed here.

I got some more red (smoky) salsa on the side. As expected, not much spice for my mouth, but still a positive experience overall. You can also ask for a green salsa if you want.

There's even a little seating area right in front of the truck that can seat up to six people. Little things like a possible "dine-in option" could generate more repeat customers.

The beef burrito is the most popular, then the chicken. There is a "Macho Burrito" for $5.95, which is basically a burrito with stuff on top (cheese, salsa, lettuce). The breakfast burritos ($4.50) sound awesome, especially because bacon is an option. Speedy Tacos may also have a few advertised specials.

I got a good burrito at a reasonable price, and it's not far from where I live. I'll definitely go back. 7/10

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