Friday, February 3, 2012

Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe (Yelp Elite Event)

On January 23, 2012, Yelp Elite members gathered in Beaverton to basically eat all the chocolate and alcohol at Moonstruck Chocolate Cafe.

Dangit, why can't I have reserve stomachs? Even one more stomach would be convenient for occasions like this.

Everything was amazing, as always. Don B. strikes again with another epic event! Already coming in with a full belly (bad idea, Aaron), I still sampled a few chocolates. My personal favorite was the dark chocolate and almond bark with sea salt. The use of dark chocolate allows the sea salt to punch the palate even harder, making it more of a savory experience. Even the bittersweet chocolate cake I sampled was awesome. "Gotta let the food speak for itself." It did. Time for this panda to go to his happy place!

Master chocolatier Julian Rose unveiled his latest truffle creation (available to the public February 1) that uses Pinot Noir. He will have a new creation every month, so be sure to keep going back! That Pinot Noir truffle (wine from Willamette Valley) was breathtaking. A slightly crunchy-hard shell encased a mind-blowing soft chocolaty interior. I'm surprised I didn't start dancing as I ate it. Maybe I coulda set off an impromptu flash mob. I still detected a fruity hint of the Pinor Noir in all that. A true testament to Mr. Rose's skill. Yes, he's one of the 10 best chocolatiers in North America. Now I know why. All the chocolates are stunning, some too beautiful to eat. I'd eventually muster the courage to nosh away, but damn.

I'm sure the milkshakes and the hot cocoa (each laced with House Spirits Coffee Liqueur) were off the charts. People raved about the wine. Heck man, there was beer there! But yeah, gotta be responsible...I had to drive home! Hold the phone...we could take chocolate home with us, too?! Winner winner, chocolate dinner! All we needed was the kitchen sink to make a Yelp appearance!

And see? There's a good reason to have chocolate at night. Enough sugar to stave the food coma off until you reach home. So my stomach felt like I ingested two medicine balls after about 10 hours of eating. No worries! Still had room for chocolate -- and I was up early the next morning for the gym as always!

Enough talk. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves now. Enjoy!

Along with this sampling menu, we could try ANY chocolate in the cases!

One of my personal favorites
Dark Chocolate Almond Bark with Sea Salt
Champagne Raspberry Moose Truffle (foreground)
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Bark
Master Chocolatier Julian Rose with his Pinot Noir Truffles!
Pinot Noir Truffles
Using wine from the Willamette Valley...breathtaking!

The wine that goes in those Pinot Noir Truffles!

Bittersweet Chocolate Layer Cake...amazing!

More free chocolate to take home!

Tried the Creme Brulee Heart Truffle
Again, just out of this world!

Don B. (Yelp Portland) thanking everyone!

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