Monday, February 27, 2012

Flyin' Hawaiian (Part 2)

(UPDATE February 2013: After moving back to the Carts on Foster pod for a few months, Flyin' Hawaiian is now just doing catering and a few lunch services at places like Nike and Intel. Check their Facebook page for the latest!)

(Food Carts Portland article -- 1/12/12)
(Original Review -- January 2012)

(Third Review -- May 2012)

Flyin' Hawaiian has crazy sauce! Fit for a crazy panda like me! I mean, if I had a nickname, it would either be "spicoholic" or "spicochist." Still on the fence with that.

I stopped by unannounced a couple of Saturdays ago just to try some of that crazy sauce. Jason applies it to his business partner's Hawaiian sweet chicken. And chicken! Numerous volcanic concoctions are added:

(1) Flyin' Hawaiian pineapple habanero sauce
(2) Flyin' Hawaiian mango habanero sauce
(3) Dave's Hurtin' Habanero sauce
(4) Dave's Total Insanity sauce
(5) Dave's Ultimate Insanity sauce
(6) Dave's Ghost Pepper sauce
(7) Sambal Oelek

I got one portion of chicken, just so I knew what I would be getting myself into. Not to mention I had already stopped by a couple other places to stuff my face.

Part two of their ever-expanding menu!
There it is, at the top: Rusty's Hawaiian Chicken, with a spicy option!
(February 2012)
Jason asked me if I should make it as spicy as possible. No hesitation, bring it on! The fumes engulfed the cart, and poor Jason felt the wrath of angry pepper gas. I actually wish I caught that part on camera. But as you can see from the list of ingredients above, it's safe to say many sane human beings probably wouldn't take this on.

Me? I embrace pain! Yeah! (pathetic hulk pose)

Jason added a side of white rice with furikake on top. He then got a front-row look at my spicy food destruction.

Small portion of Rusty's Hawaiian Chicken w/crazy sauce and a scoop of rice
(Flyin' Hawaiian)
I leisurely scarfed down the small helping of crazy sauce chicken and rice in less than two minutes. Yup, that included me rolling the rice in that remaining blissful sauce, consuming that fiery starch, and posing for the camera. And Jason caught it all on video. Thanks again, buddy!

Although there was considerable spice, I could still enjoy the fruitiness in that sauce. The chicken pieces were moist and the rice perfectly cooked. And dude, furikake for the rice? You rule!

Be on the lookout for a possible food challenge at this cart. Find them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on that. Whatever it is, I'm certainly interested if it involves spice....

I've been here twice and I've barely scratched the surface of their ever-expanding menu. Did you know they have breakfast items now? Spam, Portuguese sausage, breakfast sandwiches, and possibly pancakes. I've enjoyed everything that comes out of this cart. The regular menu items from my last visit, such as those steroidal wings, burgers, fish tacos, etc., are all still there.

I'm not quite ready to give elite status yet, but only because I simply need to try more "regular" menu items. Come on, I think my taste buds deserve a proper Hawaiian vacation instead of getting thrown into Kilauea 24/7! Doesn't matter, because I think I've become good friends with Pele the Hawaiian goddess by now.

It speaks volumes when people from Hawaii (like me) go to a Hawaiian-themed cart and love the food. Soar to Flyin' Hawaiian now for some good eats!

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