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(UPDATE 5/17/13: Roshambo is now located at the Rose City Food Park near NE 52nd and Sandy Blvd!)

Roshambo is an Indian food cart located at the D-Street Noshery food pod (SE 32nd and Division) in Portland, Oregon. As a note, they used to be in the back left corner of the food pod, but as of late January 2012, have now moved in between Fuego de Lotus and Slice Brick Oven Pizza (the latter is still closed until later this year).

They used to be in the backleft corner, but 

I talked with David, the owner and chef at Roshambo. The menu is all-vegetarian, with some vegan items. While I love getting a ton of protein from meats/poultry/fish, I'll nosh away on vegetarian or vegan items as well.

When I came on a Friday around noon, David had just opened. I peered at the cart window. Lunch special. Any two entrees plus rice for $7. When I realized each entree was otherwise in the $9 hemisphere, it was a no-brainer. Book that lunch special!

(Late January 2012)
Lunch special I saw on 1/27/12
(He opens around noon, so apparently, he doesn't stay open long)
White Basmati Rice (at the top), Chana Masala (left), Moong Dal w/Spinach (right)
I took two of the most popular entrees. First, the moong dal with spinach. Yellow moong beans with spinach and spices, topped with house-made ghee (traditional Indian clarified butter...yay calories!). A hearty and delicious dish. The traditional Indian spices really amplify the experience. Here, the spinach is almost completely broken down, staying intact enough for that slight texture contrast against a slightly chunky backdrop.

I chose chana masala for my second entree: chickpeas simmered in a spicy tomato sauce. Again, a filling, tasty meal packed with wonderful flavor. The tomato sauce is also somewhat chunky, which I like. The chickpeas were cooked perfectly.

Having a bed of perfectly cooked white basmati rice underneath both entrees meant a double win...eating the rice with each main item. No, I won't sing "happy" notes because I will scare people away.

Eating this meal just felt so therapeutic -- albeit for a short time. The food was gone in less than five minutes. Speed eaters unite!

Roshambo is billed as "inspired vegetarian Indian" food. I had one heck of an enlightening experience here. Using my awesome panda logic, I say it's fairly accurate advertising! Even if you're not vegetarian or vegan, head over to Roshambo and try David's food! 8.5/10

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