Friday, February 10, 2012

Holy Cannoli (Part 2)

(UPDATE 10/15/12: After a few months spent at the Green Castle food pod, Holy Cannoli closed its doors on October 13. Jessy and Tami are moving to Sonoma County, CA, and will be bringing their awesome food to the area. Best wishes to these two great people!)

(Original Review -- November 2011)

Since I was in the area, I walked about a half-mile (one way) to the Foster food pod (SE 52nd and Foster) to re-visit Holy Cannoli Wicked Italian.

Century-old family recipes from Jesse's nana and great-grandma? Dang, that's a long time. But it's what you'll find here!

(February 2012)
Four types of cannoli filling!
When I first came here last summer, I had a meatball slider and a classic cannoli with the ends dipped in chocolate chips. What did I get this time? The same dang thing! You mean Aaron didn't change it up? That's blasphemy!

Actually, that means the food is awesome. $5.50 total for my Italian treats, both of which disappeared in a couple minutes.

Meatball Slider with Classic Cannoli
(Holy Cannoli Wicked Italian)
I swear a gondolier handed his pole to this substantial meatball. The meatball then grew arms and whacked me over the head with authentic flavors. (No, it's too easy to just have the gondolier assault me)

The best part of the slider? Jessy took the top half of the slider bun and dipped it in the temperature-hot marinara sauce. When that heat hits the provolone cheese, magic! The cheese is gonna make love to that meatball! The pesto mayo was refreshing, infusing more Italian "soul" into the fray. I've gone bonkers (again), and I'd only just begun eating!

Jessy filled a pre-made cannoli shell with classic Amaretto cream. Properly filled to order; can't do it any other way! Happy panda dance time! But stop! The chocolate chips! Gotta sit down to savor the moment.

<HomerSimpson> "Mmm, chocolate..." </HomerSimpson>

OK, more dancing!

Then I realized there was a godfather on the menu. No really, there's a sandwich called "The Godfather." He must not be happy that I bypassed him. I didn't even kiss his ring! Oh no! Dammit, he even wields bacon! That sandwich might as well come up to me with an AK-47 and demand my money. Guess I'll have to come back again, or else my stomach would have gone on strike.

Um, could I use the criminal law defense of necessity? No? Sad panda.

Jessy's nana must be smiling. I know I am. 8.5/10

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