Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Island Grill Hawaiian Barbeque (Part 2)

(Original Review -- July 2011)

When first starting my food blog, I had a very harsh critiquing system, which resulted in many low-scoring reviews. Over the last few months, I've returned to those spots I had previously given very low marks to, eager to give them all a fresh shot. Island Grill Hawaiian Barbeque was on the agenda on a sunny mid-September day.

Staying rather simple, I merely got a small kalua pork plate ($5), which had one scoop of mac salad, one scoop of white rice, and what basically looked like a scoop of pork.

(September 2012)
Mini Kalua Pork
(Island Grill Hawaiian Barbeque)
Yet again, the execution was hit-or-miss, but at least it'll get a higher score than before. First, the mac salad. More of a peppery bite this time, and thankfully, it was cold mac salad (unlike my experience last summer). However, overcooked macaroni marred the experience. In my opinion, the elbow mac should be more al dente.

The pork itself was merely OK, not overly great. Slightly smoky, ever so slightly on the dry side. I thought it could use a bit more salt. No complaints on the white rice.

Nice guy at the counter, and I received my meal fairly quickly. There are several sauces to choose from, including my favorite condiment of all, sriracha.

While I'm glad I went back to give this place another shot, there are too many others that I personally enjoy more. Any concerns I had with this dish are easily fixable. 5/10

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