Thursday, October 4, 2012

D-Street Noshery Closing

(POST UPDATED FEBRUARY 2013! See below the jump break for further cart moves!)

A few weeks back, I first got word that the D-Street Noshery pod (SE 33rd and Division) would be closing at the end of October. Food Carts Portland has confirmed the pod's closing. As of this blog post, several carts still remain on the property, while others have already moved or closed.

Took this photo of what's left of D-Street Noshery on Halloween
All carts are gone except Gonzo, which has since moved to SE Oak St.
Kevin Bell closed his Oregon Ice Works cart in early August 2012 to pursue culinary school dreams in New York. If he's reading this, I wish him all the best, and I hope he returns to the Pacific NW at some point.

The great people at Pie Spot have moved their cart to NE 24th and Sandy. From what their official website states, they are still planning a new bakery and coffee shop, which would likely open next year.

Taken on 10/31/12
Maybe we'll see this pod return one day...
(UPDATES AS OF 12/6/12; all carts now with known whereabouts or updates):
A growing pod emerges at SE 28th and Ankeny. Captured by Porches and Fuego de Lotus have joined Grilled Cheese Grill and Wolf & Bear's in that pod.

Captured by Porches also has a cart at the Rose City Food Park (NE 52nd and Sandy Blvd).

Koi Fusion now has a cart at "The Row," a new "superpod" near SE 2nd and Oak. Not sure if it'll be the same cart that people saw at D-Street Noshery. With Koi being one of the most popular carts in Portland, The Row will have an amazing lineup that also includes Big-Ass Sandwiches, Whiffies, Potato Champion, and Pyro Pizza. Burgatroyd will also join this pod in a few weeks.

In early November, Roshambo announced their move to SE 50th and Lincoln, behind the Yoga Union studio.

On November 8, Food Carts Portland reported that Bailey's has closed. Reportedly, the owners retired and tried to sell the cart, but ended up taking it back to San Francisco.

Tal (owner of Gonzo) originally stated he'd open back up in spring 2013, but found a location at Base Camp Brewing Company. The address is 930 SE Oak in Portland, Oregon.

Kimberly James sold Blues City Biscuits. But great news for BCB fans, because the new owner is targeting a reopen date of March 1, 2013, at the Good Food Here pod near SE 43rd and Belmont! One of Kimberly's original employees (Mary) will be working the cart!

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