Thursday, October 25, 2012

Craft Coffee (20% off promotion; ends 11/8!)

(NOTE: I have teamed with Craft Coffee to bring you a limited-time promotion. HURRY! This promotion ends November 8, 2012!)

Hey coffee lovers! Ever want to try some of the best coffees from multiple roasters, as certified by true coffee experts? If so, read on!

Craft Coffee, a company based in Brooklyn, New York, receives over 50 coffees each month from various roasting companies across North America. From there, Craft Coffee's expert team conducts a series of tests to narrow the field down to the top 10. Finally, the founder comes in and selects the top three artisan coffees for the month. Those three coffees (each 4 oz. bags) get shipped to each subscriber.

For the next two weeks, they are giving my faithful readers a generous 20% discount (code is "aaronpromo") to subscribe to their coffees-of-the-month service. I'm sure you want to know more, so keep reading below!

(Logo courtesy of Craft Coffee)
Founded in 2010 by Michael Horn, Craft Coffee has pioneered a coffee-of-the-month subscription that ensures quality, artisan coffee from various roasters across North America. Each month, subscribers will get three 4 oz. bags, each different from the previous month. No delivery will ever be the same!

(Photo courtesy of Craft Coffee)
This deal is especially awesome if you're one of those people that is open to trying multiple varieties of coffee, but don't want to go through the painstaking research or high costs (which may also include shipping) that may arise.

So what goes into a coffee-selection process that gets more selective than trying to get into Harvard? At least five tasting experts are part of a blind taste test. Beans are put in an unlabeled bag, stamped only with the country of origin that the beans are from. For at least one week, the experts conduct multiple tests.

Generally, experts may factor in at least four criteria:
(1) TASTE: The coffee must taste great using multiple brewing methods. Chemex, v60, and French press are among the methods used.

(2) FLAVOR NOTES: Other flavors that become associated with the coffee may play a huge factor. The coffee can be fruity, nutty, chocolaty, etc. While it may matter what the beans are growing next to, where the beans grow generally plays a larger role.

(3) LONGEVITY: The coffee should still taste and smell great for a lengthy period of time after brewing -- and ideally should be great even when cold.

(4) ABSORPTION: The coffee grounds should absorb water well.

The coffees available through Craft Coffee are extremely high quality, with one bag generally retailing for $20 to $30 a pound (especially if shipping plays a factor). But why settle for one bag when you can sample THREE for a potentially cheaper price? And with Craft Coffee, there's FREE shipping!

Craft Coffee offers three subscription options, and you can cancel at any time.

ANNUAL: $19.99 per month (or one-time payment of $239.88)
SIX-MONTH: $22.49 per month (or one-time payment of $134.94) (MOST POPULAR)
MONTHLY: $24.99 per month

Or perhaps you want to give this to a person as a gift? There are three options there as well! Again, FREE shipping!

ANNUAL: $239.88 ($19.99 per month)
SIX-MONTH:  $134.94 ($22.49 per month) (MOST POPULAR)
THREE-MONTH: $74.97 ($24.99 per month)

And again, for the next two weeks (10/25 to 11/8), my faithful readers will enjoy a 20% discount! Just type in "aaronpromo" when ordering!

The boxes are generally sent out during the middle of the month, after the experts have completed narrowing the field down. The founder may select his top three, but it's generally left to the experts on what goes into the box. All coffees should have exceptional flavors, taste, and balance!

Click here for a short video that showcases who Craft Coffee is and the quality they stand for!

Craft Coffee has a page which lists all the great roasting companies that beat out the competition and had a coffee shipped out at least once! In particular, past roasters from the Pacific Northwest include:

Caffe Ladro (Seattle, WA)
Coava Coffee Roasters (Portland, OR)
Kuma Coffee (Seattle, WA)
Noble Coffee Roasting (Ashland, OR)
Water Avenue Coffee (Portland, OR)

It's also great to see other roasting companies featured, anywhere from Oklahoma to parts of Canada. Even for me, a proud resident of the Pacific Northwest (a region just saturated with coffee roasters), it's a cool experience to try a roasting company from another area of the continent that I would have otherwise never heard about.

Whether you live alone or are part of a house of coffee lovers, this subscription should be a great deal. Heck, share with your friends if you want to. Spread the love!

(Photo courtesy of Craft Coffee)
For the latest updates, please "like" Craft Coffee's business Facebook page and follow them on Twitter! Frankly, I was delighted to hear they have been enjoying my blog, being on the opposite side of the country and having no direct conversation with any of them (at least knowingly) prior to the email.

If you would love to experience some great coffee delivered right to your doorstep, try out Craft Coffee today!

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