Saturday, October 13, 2012

YouTube: 16 oz. Trinidad Salsa; Spice Wars

I decided to release my 16 oz. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion salsa video on Saturday morning, and I've put it below the jump break. By far among my top three stupidest spicy stunts to date. I'm sure my stomach thanks me that I otherwise stay more reasonable on spicy portion consumption.

This was probably a bad idea...
If one didn't catch my blog post from two weeks ago, the salsa stunt basically came about because my friend Naader Reda ate a 16 oz. jar of ghost pepper salsa and wanted to see me top it. Needless to say, I raised the bar with a pepper that can hit 2 million Scovilles (or twice as hot as a ghost pepper).

As you can see from the video, I took my one small taste for that official spicochist review, and that was enough to make me realize this stunt would suck. This didn't give me the hiccups, which is a real sign of spice overload, but the aftermath was brutal.

Naader and I have started a friendly cross-channel "Spice War" that eventually will have increases in spice and quantity. I honestly don't care who "wins" this. Of course, I'll give it serious attention, but the main goal is to get more subscribers and retain that audience (consider their suggestions and get them to keep coming back for more). I haven't even posted my response video yet, and I've gotten close to 20 new subscribers from this and the Moruga video. I can't thank Naader enough for the extra exposure.

And a huge thank you to everyone who even views my videos. That support truly means a lot to me.

Admittedly, my response will also be extremely tame. But hey, I want to draw this out as much as possible. Gives both of us a shot to promote freaky spicy eating in a number of ways.

I recently released a couple more spicochist reviews. The Safeway Chunky Habanero Salsa was fine for what it was, but it's really not anything to be intimidated about. I enjoyed the refreshing lime aspect here, and the salsa is a real good option if you're tailgating or otherwise hanging out with buddies to watch football or baseball.

The durian smoothie stunt was really more a shoutout again to Wreckless Eating. I'm a big fan of their channel, and various forms of durian products have popped up on their main shows. Of course, I mixed in some hot sauce and wing sauce -- and well, that wasn't real smart.


I attended a cool event in Portland at the end of September. Matt Timms put together an Ice Cream and Hot Sauce Takedown at Goodfoot Pub & Lounge, and several vendors came out to participate. Everything was great, and I certainly got my fill of dairy and spice. I created and shared a video of the festivities, seen below. I hope we have another one of those in the near future!


Finally, something that is not food-related at all, but still worth mentioning. For those that don't know, this food review/YouTube stuff is really a side hobby. In reality, I've been starting a law practice in SW Washington (Clark County). Yeah, I'm an attorney, but I promise not to do any flexing like a David Otunga would. Anyway, I spent a couple days and put up a website. I'm sure people have seen better, but it works for me.

I'm out for now, but I've got more food reviews to come!

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