Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pink & Black Waffle Shack (Part 2)

(UPDATE: On 10/4/12, circumstances forced Sadie to close the cart for the winter. She plans to open the cart again in the spring and will still do special orders for delivery or pick-up in the meantime. Sadie's also promoting her homemade beef jerky, which she plans to sell by the pound.)

(Original Review -- May 2012)

I visited Sadie at the Pink & Black Waffle Shack a couple of times in the past few weeks. She moved to a spot near NE 13th and Alberta just in time for Last Thursday on Alberta at the end of August. While I wasn't able to get a waffle in when walking down a food glutton's dream street, I headed back in mid-September to finally satisfy my waffle fix.

Her NE Alberta hours are Wed-Sun for brunch and late-night runs on Fri-Sat. Generally, a large menu to choose from, multiple sweet waffles and a few savory choices. Depending on the time of year, I'd also look out for some seasonal specials!

What the savory menu may be like
(September 2012)
Typical sweet menu options
(September 2012)
This time, I went with a "Wake 'n Bake" ($5 small; $8 large) breakfast waffle sandwich. The large has multiple strips of bacon (you can also opt for sausage), two eggs, maple glaze, and choice of cheddar or provolone in between a thick Belgian waffle. The large-sized option can be quite the task for some people, and could conveniently split into two smaller sandwiches.

"Wake 'n Bake"
(Pink & Black Waffle Shack)
What's the old saying...bacon makes everything better? Fact. Perfect crispy, smoky bacon here. Eggs and cheese complete a happy breakfast sandwich experience. If overeasy eggs are an option (and I'm sure it can be done), I'd go with that if you love a messy sandwich and want that yolk to ooze all over the damn place.

While the waffle may appear an imposing behemoth, it's very light and fluffy, easily tearing away if you're the type of person that likes to nuke food via methodical dissection. (*points to self*) There's syrup already in this Wake 'n Bake, but you'll get another small container with your order.

For me, I dispatched one large waffle in no time. Probably got room for at least a couple more if arriving on an empty stomach.

I still love the pink napkins; it just keeps in line with the name of the place. Yeah, I devoted a sentence or two to pink freakin' napkins. Does the panda have a problem yet?

I dunno about you, but I could stand in front of the menu for a while and fail to make up my mind. It probably should get to the point where one of two things happen: (1) just ask for a random waffle; (2) close eyes and point to random menu item; or (3) attempt to eat a good portion of the menu in one sitting. I like the third choice if my wallet doesn't abandon me.

Check out her business Facebook page for the latest news on special orders (delivery or pick-up) and when the cart's opening back up!

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