Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stardust Diner

Stardust Diner is located on SE 164th Ave. in Vancouver, Washington. A friend suggested this place for lunch, and with me not being too far away, I figured it was worth trying.

Stepping inside, it really feels like you're taken back in time to some 50's diner. Tons of vintage memorabilia (mostly magazine covers) adorn the wall. Heck, there was some jukebox contraption at the booth my friend and I sat at. I'm honestly not too fond of the interior (call me more of a contemporary, bright ambiance person), but it's not the worst. It stays true to what it wants to be, and that's fine.

Bad pic...damn outdated camera phone
There's a lot of traditional diner fare to choose from. Blue-starred items are basically Stardust's most popular offerings. Although we arrived around 11:30, my stomach craves breakfast virtually 24/7. Luckily, breakfast is served all day here. I opted for the three-egg Denver omelet ($8.29) with the usual diced ham, cheddar, onions, and green bell peppers. Hash browns and whole wheat toast on the side.

Denver omelet w/hash browns and whole wheat toast
(Stardust Diner)

A bit much on the butter for me, but I ate it anyway!
I honestly didn't have very high expectations coming in, but everything was pretty good. A hearty portion for yours truly. Pretty generous amounts of ham, onions, and bell peppers, all cooked nicely. I would have liked a bit more cheese here, though. The eggs were cooked well, perhaps just a tad too long in the pan for me. I'm sure it would be fine for just about everyone else.

Favorable reviews on the hash browns. Crispy exterior, lightly seasoned, nicely done. Maybe a bit too much butter on my toast, but hell, I ate it anyway.

My friend enjoyed his bacon cheeseburger, crinkle fries, and a soda (appears to be unlimited free refills). It sure looked like a quality burger to me, and the hypnotizing bacon made me just want to reach across the table and devour that plate too. Bad panda, no biscuit for you.

Stardust runs regular specials and also has a tantalizing dessert menu. And I saw a sugar-free option (Chocolate Mousse Torte) for when I want to gorge on something sweet and not feel so guilty!

For a combined $20, two people left with satisfied stomachs. Certainly reasonable. I hope to return and try more menu items! 7/10

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