Monday, October 15, 2012

Meianna Bakery

Meianna Bakery is a Chinese bakery located in the Fubonn Shopping Center on SE 82nd Ave. in Portland, Oregon.

With the Mid-Autumn Festival occurring on September 30, I traveled to Fubonn at the end of September. Mooncakes galore. Basically, it's a pastry that may have different flavors of rich, thick filling, ranging from red bean to lotus seed.

I channeled the Hawaiian panda in me and got a small pineapple-filled mooncake for $1.99. Beautifully crafted and pretty tasty. Frankly, it was my first mooncake, so now I'll be sure to buy more when I head back.

Pineapple Mooncake
(Meianna Bakery)

Shot of the "mini" mooncake I got
(There is a larger mooncake choice as well)
Shot of the filling inside!
The display case has several cakes and tarts that look amazing -- almost too stunning to eat. It may have been quite crowded due to the Mid-Autumn Festival rush, but otherwise, no problems on my end.

Staff there was fine. They may not have been extremely friendly, but they weren't rude, either.

I'd call it an OK first experience and will stick with a more middle-of-the-road rating right now. There are a lot more items to try, anyway. I hope to return in the future! 6/10

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