Monday, October 29, 2012

Sabria's Arabic Food

Sabria's Arabic Food can now be found at the Green Castle food pod (NE 20th and Everett) in Portland, Oregon. I remember seeing Said and Shelly's cart in downtown Portland several times, but this was my first actual stop for food here.

Let's continue the gyro bender, shall we? There's probably something about gyros that makes me stop and at least stare at the menu for a bit. It's yet another panda addiction.

This is a halal cart with a good-sized menu. Pictures are posted next to the menu to give one an idea of what the food looks like. Food porn at its finest.

(October 2012)
You can get a plate or a wrap on several of the options. I simply got a simple $5 lamb gyro here (chicken option also available). Very reasonable price and perfect as street food.

Lamb Gyro
(Sabria's Arabic Food)

As usual, I am partial toward the thicker pitas for gyros because, for me, it stands up to a substantial amount of food packed inside. Juicy, delicious strips of lamb and fresh vegetables. I hoped for feta -- even if it costs a little extra -- but at least at the time of my visit, there was no such option. The tzatziki could use just a bit more seasoning to compensate for the lack of feta. Overall, I'd say it was still a success.

The Zataar Pizza ($3) also caught my eye. It's an Arabic food popular in many Middle Eastern countries. Saw some pics online and it looks pretty damn good. I'll have to give that a try someday. Another trip to this cart is in my future! 7/10

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