Monday, October 8, 2012

Donutorama (Part 2)

(Original Review -- January 2012)

(NOTE: Greg closed his SW 3rd and Ash cart around the end of 2012. You can still get Greg's beignets at places like Koi Fusion, and be on the lookout for more places in the future!)

In mid-September, I went back to Donutorama to pay Greg a visit. He had spent the winter selling doughnuts in Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt cart off SW 10th and Alder, but moved to his own cart near SW 3rd and Ash this past summer.

While most of his doughnut creations from the winter are no longer offered, Greg has found his groove selling beignets and creme brulee beignets. Frankly, if you can execute 1-3 top-quality items in a food cart, you should be just fine. Take a look at what it's done for places like Nong's Khao Man Gai.

A very simple menu never hurt anyone!
Beignet (left) and Creme Brulee Beignet (right)
The beignet at Donutorama is incredibly light and pillowy, and the soothing abundance of powdered sugar will remind me not to wear a black hoodie to this cart again. Ghost panda, anyone?

The creme brulee beignet is basically similar to the creme brulee doughnut I had on my original visit at the beginning of the year. The custard filling pokes its head out at the top, just inviting you to devour it. Greg will torch this guy in front of you, right on the spot. The freshly created sugary shell is heavenly.

Flame on!
Just freshly torched

Be on the lookout for other fine creations promoted on their business FB page. Try a Bananas Foster fritter or a Nutella creme brulee beignet, for starters. Ask if you can get a scoop of ice cream along with it.

Give this cart some love and head on down there! It's truly an elite place to be! 9/10

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