Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Brazilian House

Brazilian House is located at the Good Food Here pod (near SE 43rd and Belmont) in Portland, Oregon. The cart operates out of the old Rockabillies food cart.

I remember a Brazilian cart at the old D-Street Noshery pod that abruptly closed before I had a chance to try the food. One of the menu items from that cart was also on this menu, and the curious panda just had to try it.

Menu as of November 2013
Feijoada ($8) is a dish containing black beans, bacon, beef, sausage, green onions, and garlic. It was served with rice and collard greens. I happily admit I didn't have to read any further once I saw bacon (but I kept on reading anyway). All the meats brought awesome flavor to this dish.


My initial thought of the dish: a flavorful black bean and meat chowder. Looking it up later, Feijoada is a bean and mixed meat stew often called the national dish of Brazil.

Moqueca ($8) is a Brazilian fish stew that contains coconut milk. There are options to get it with chicken or shrimp instead. It's served with rice and tomatoes.

Tropeiro ($8) is another traditional dish featuring pinto beans, bacon, beef, sausage, green onions, eggs, garlic, and yucca flour.

I definitely recommend Brazilian House to anyone! 8.5/10

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