Monday, December 9, 2013

Kind Coffee

Kind Coffee is located at the Good Food Here pod (near SE 43rd and Belmont) in Portland, Oregon

This food cart, which used to be the Da-Pressed Coffee Cart, has been under new management for almost two months.

It's a standard coffee and espresso menu here. There are a few non-coffee items, including fresh juice.

Mary from the nearby Blues City Biscuits cart recommended the hot chocolate here ($2 for the small), which contains milk and Holy Cacow chocolate syrup. An excellent choice indeed. It had some body to it, which makes me believe either whole milk or 2% was used. The cocoa wasn't an overpowering chocolate blast, just a comforting pick-me-up for a chilly day. Great choice for a chocolate syrup.

Kind Coffee is a good stop for a quick drink. There is also a Twitter page for the cart. I hope the word spreads about this food cart! 8.5/10


  1. I'm going to drop by on that shop and see if their coffee really exceed my expectations.

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