Monday, December 16, 2013

Kaboom Box

Kaboom Box is a food truck located in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their usual spot is near the corner of Granville and W Georgia Street.

A few hours in Canada, and it didn't take long for the panda to get his poutine fix.

From what the owner (Andrew) told me, food trucks in downtown Vancouver BC get a space from the city to call its home. Eventually, the trucks have to move off the space, but they get to return to that spot the next day.

The smoked salmon sandwich starts with fresh, local, wild-caught salmon that is smoked in the cart. It's served on a whole wheat bun with spicy mayo and house-made maple-mustard slaw.

Smoked Salmon Sandwich + Poutine!

I'm not sure exactly how "world famous" this salmon sandwich is, but it totally deserves a ton of praise. The fish was moist and perfectly prepared. The refreshing slaw has great crunch and provides a savory-sweet experience without upstaging the salmon.

I got my sandwich with a side of poutine, the ever-famous Canadian dish of fries, gravy, and cheese curds. The BC Poutine has a mushroom gravy -- and there's no mistaking it. I saw some minced mushrooms in the gravy. A great way to continue the gluttony.

The menu also includes an oyster Po'Boy, fish and chips, and a crab cake sandwich.

One cool fact: The Kaboom Box's "Vanburger" veggie burger (which can be made vegan) was recently voted one of the top vegan dishes from food trucks in Vancouver BC!

Kaboom Box is fairly active on Facebook.

One of several food trucks in Canada that I recommend. Still thinking about that smoked salmon sandwich. 8.75/10

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