Monday, December 2, 2013

El Brasero

El Brasero is located at the Cartopia food pod (SE 12th and Hawthorne) in Portland, Oregon.

A very large menu here, complete with a section for vegetarian and vegan options. Very reasonable prices.

I was on yet another breakfast burrito bender, and bacon wins the internet. Therefore, panda logic requires eating a bacon breakfast burrito. Breakfast burritos here are $4.50 and also come with eggs, cheese, and potatoes. Several meat options here.

The burrito itself was OK. I've seen larger and meatier burritos for a similar price. For the first few bites, I mainly got egg, cheese, and potato. After excavating through about halfway, more bacon started to show. The cuts of meat crack here didn't have much crispness, but I took comfort for it being irreplaceable pork love.

Two types of hot sauce here. I'm guessing the green one uses jalapenos and the orange one has some type of smoky pepper such as a chipotle. I preferred the green sauce's chunky qualities, but the orange sauce's color and flavor.

This one probably borders on the OK experience. It wasn't bad but didn't blow me away. 6/10

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