Friday, March 23, 2012

The Beanery (Part 3)

(Original Review -- May 2011)
(Second Review -- January 2012)

I ventured back to The Beanery as part of National Pi Day on March 14. Having loved the panini and chowder last time, I knew I wanted to try the quiche and pie next.

The Beanery has about five different types of quiche or frittatas, all but one being vegetarian. So what do you think a meat-loving panda got? Bacon, basil, and tomato frittata! Come on, there's bacon! Meat crack! The bacon doesn't overpower everything here. The savory, custard-like texture made it a doubly peaceful moment.

Bacon, Basil, and Tomato Frittata
(The Beanery)
Staying consistent with National Pi Day, I also picked up a slice of sugar-free mixed berry pie. It's about moderation on the sweet stuff anyway. See? I don't need sugar to be happy! A fairly thick layer of filling here, complete with flaky pie crust. Balanced flavors like doing the Karate Kid crane posture on the top of the pole or the edge of a boat.

Sugar-Free Mixed Berry Pie
(The Beanery)
I got it for takeout, and I wouldn't be eating it for another couple of hours, but the employees heated up my food anyway. Good to know if you're dining in; you'll get a warm, comforting meal.

On this visit, I could also get a slight discount off any coffee or tea when getting that mixed berry pie. Allann Brothers Coffee featured an organic coffee from Nicaragua. Curious panda sees shiny object! Must have!

Featured coffees on March 14, 2012
Organic Nicaragua coffee
(The Beanery)
The coffee is about medium-high in strength, smooth, with full body. I detected exotic spice influences on the back end, just pleasing flavor. Very good, fellas. Now that I have a coffee maker, I'll really have to restrain myself from buying every single ground coffee product off the shelf.

The Beanery continues to get my stamp of approval! Impressing me more and more each time! 8.5/10

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