Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Honey Pot

(Second Review -- March 2013)

The Honey Pot, located at the Good Food Here food pod (SE 43rd and Belmont) serves both savory pies and sweet pies. According to their website, Mary is the main baker, a trained pastry chef. Her business partner, Lisa, may also be in the truck and does the bookkeeping.

On my visit in late March, Mary was in the shiny silver/chrome cart. Pie selections likely rotate on a regular basis. In the never-ending battle between savory and sweet, the savory gods won this tug of war.

Menu on 3/23/12
But I must quickly mention the "Pendleton": dark chocolate and pecans in Pendleton whiskey custard and a chocolate shortbread crust. You had me at dark chocolate. But come on! Adding any type of alcohol to the party is a vice grip to my man-parts. How the savory gods won this battle, I'll never know. It may have taken Chuck Norris classes.

The Ravi ($7) is a yellow chicken curry pot pie, with cauliflower, summer squash, Walla Walla onions, and Zante currants. Being a huge curry lover, it was the logical choice.

Lovely chicken chunks and veggies!
This pie produced heartwarming curry flavors, with lovely consistency. To my delight, generous chunks of chicken filled this pie. The crust's flakiness...again, two panda thumbs up! I have not had currants much, but having these tiny raisin-like treats among the sea of curry offered slightly sweet and textural contrasts. Veggies were broken down well, yet retained that ideal identity just so I know it was there.

The crust was firm to hold the filling inside, yet broke away without too much effort. Just superb.

I will be back to lay an execution on a sweet pie. They will all be sent to my chambers! Destruction is imminent. My stomach must be pleased.

How fitting that this cart opened on Pi Day (3/14). They were once located in Bend, Oregon, but probably could not resist Portland's food cart explosion. Whether you want to satisfy that savory craving or yearn for that sweet treat, The Honey Pot will have you covered!

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