Monday, March 26, 2012

Momiji (Part 2)

My friend mentioned that she had not had sushi in a long time, so we decided on Momiji so she could take advantage (at least a little) of $1 nigiri sushi on Sunday nights. 4 to 9 p.m., fellas.

We entered to a clean establishment and chose to sit at the sushi bar. I was eye-level with a full display case of cut fish and other delicacies.

Only most nigiri sushi applied to this promotion

I went with simple grilled salmon and one piece of inari nigiri (that'd be a smaller version of "cone sushi" for my Hawaii friends). My meal came with a small bowl of miso soup and a small serving of pickled cucumbers, both of which I haven't had in eons. I think my inner panda coulda spoken Japanese during that whole blissful noshing. This is my kind of soul food!

The dollar nigiri sushi choices
Delicious dinner entrees!
Two fairly flat pieces of salmon lay on a couple pieces of romaine lettuce, with a pool of teriyaki sauce covering everything. The lettuce had already lost most of its crunch by sitting in the sauce that long. Not the best presentation ever, but delicious. I noticed my salmon stayed on the counter for a while, as the other dishes were still being prepared. The inari was excellently prepared, no complaints.

A starter of pickled cucumbers and miso soup!
Grilled salmon in teriyaki sauce
My bowl of rice
Inari nigiri
Meanwhile, my famished friend ordered a couple of different rolls. Among those was the Spider Roll, which has deep-fried soft shell crab in it. Doesn't that just immediately scream "win!" to you?

Our meals totaled $18, an awesome deal for two people at dinner.

We debated on getting more food, even as I sat there about 80 percent full. In particular, I eyed the tempura ice cream, which I knew would just relegate me to a lethargic human anvil. For once, better judgment prevailed. I could hear my stomach saying "thank you" as we left the restaurant. I'll leave that dessert for another day.

The guys at the sushi bar did not communicate much with us or other patrons. I suspect the language barrier had a lot to do with that. At least this awkwardness shouldn't apply to people who sit at a dining table inside the restaurant.

Overall, Momiji provided a decent experience with good food, although I would hope the sushi bar staff at least makes an effort to converse with customers next time. 6.75/10

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