Sunday, March 4, 2012

Perierra Creperie (Part 2)

I headed back to Perierra Creperie at the Cartopia food pod on SE 12th and Hawthorne to try another one of their menu items.

The guy had been doing some serious crepe making that day
With about 20 or so different crepes on the menu, I had a tough time choosing. But when in doubt, alcohol is your friend, right? Oh look, there's a crepe with plantains, dulce de leche, and rum. Just the thought of rum with plantains screamed "awesome."

Menu (February 2012)

On my visit, the guy at the counter sold it to me for $6, despite being $6.25 on the menu. Not complaining at all. He did the same thing with the woman before me, selling her crepe at a cheaper price. Not sure if it's an old menu (with new prices not posted) or if there was some type of special that day.

The man there had worked at the cart for the last five months, and he effortlessly made my crepe. Flambee action in the cart with the rum-spiced plantains! Sweet ripe yellow plantains are used.. He squeezed some dulce de leche on the crepe, then added the cooked rum-soaked plantains. Powdered sugar added, then into a triangular pocket crepe holder.

Sweet crepe w/dulce de leche, sweet ripe plantains, and rum
(Perierra Creperie)
Yeah, the top part of the photo proves I already bit into the crepe. Oops.
Oops, one of the few times the crepe largely didn't make it to my photo session in one piece! Hey, I was hungry!

The plantains had softened wonderfully. The bite of the rum is there, but it's balanced out with the dulce de leche. Beautiful thin crepe, browned up slightly for a pleasing presentation. A big fan of this one.

This again was one of those crepes with non-traditional fillings. Sure, you can always go for a sweet crepe with peanut butter or nutella. Perhaps you want that savory crepe with ham and gruyere. That's fine and dandy. But it's also cool to venture outside the box just a little more. You never know, you just might find a new favorite! 7.75/10

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