Thursday, March 22, 2012

Word of Mouth (Part 5)

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Good grief, Salem got snow in late March?! Mother Nature must be messed up. I don't just get in my car and drive through the snow for any ol' place. But Word of Mouth is one of them.

Snow in late March?!?!

The previous night (3/21), I checked what the following day's specials would be at WOM. Breakfast tacos. Shredded and smoked beef breakfast tacos. Holy taco almighty! My friend, who I was chatting with online, pretty much echoed my sentiments. And it was only $4.95 if I ordered it before 8 in the morning.

"Should I trudge through the snow to get the special?" I asked.
"Duh" was the response. Good for me!

Special on a snowy day (3/22/12)
Although snow had stopped falling the next morning, the icy white stuff on the ground still made driving not the most ideal thing to do. Screw it, I'm getting my tacos.

I mean, how can you resist shredded and smoked beef brisket, three eggs, green chiles, caramelized onions, and pepperjack cheese in two flour tortillas? Add those baby Yukon Gold breakfast potatoes, salsa, and sour cream. Nirvana can be attained on earth after all. I simply got a takeout order this time.

Shredded Beef Breakfast Tacos
(Word of Mouth Bistro)

The potatoes were perfect, with that browned crunch on the outside from the flattop. All that breakfast taco filling united for a rare sexy panda somersaulting moment. Juicy, tender shredded beef and killer pepperjack. I admit, the filling could have used just a tad more seasoning, but I was too busy noshing to really care. Tortillas were presented ideally warmed, with slight brown spots showing where it had been heated up. I wish I had a rewind button. Multiple rewinds to keep enjoying all this, please. At least I can keep salivating this meal after taking pictures.

$4.95. What a deal!
(Erin was a great server, as always!)
The cinnamon roll pancakes I had in late January recently became a permanent menu item. I still remember how incredible they were. I don't know why, but I'd take those pancakes home, just to see how well they'd go with my newly acquired bacon syrup.

Also the place to go to fill up on carbs!

The snow didn't deter several people from dining in, even at 7:15 a.m. Erin, my server, was excellent, as always. Anyway, I'm off to continue my food coma. Happy sleepy panda.... (snooze) 9.5/10

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