Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wild Pineapple (Part 2)

(Original Review -- May 2011)

OK, it gets a little boost -- only for the service.

After having a less-than-stellar experience on my last visit to Wild Pineapple (lots of quantity, so-so on the quality), I decided to give them another try near the end of February.

I stopped by around 10:30 a.m. on a Friday. The sign at the front of the hut said "OPEN," but the actual neon "OPEN" sign was not on. Weird, but I walked up anyway. The window was open, so that must mean they're open, right?

Not exactly. They were still technically a half hour away from really opening. Um, so why was the front sign flipped to "OPEN" again?

I had my heart set on the poke bowl, which is really cubes of raw fish (usually ahi tuna nowadays) with sesame oil, onions, etc. I loved that they have a brown rice option. And to the owner's credit, he kindly took my order when I mentioned I didn't have the time to wait around another 30 minutes. Pandas are busy, too!

(Is this thing even the updated menu...?)
Poke Bowl w/brown rice
(Wild Pineapple)
Taste-wise, the poke was OK. The tuna color was not a fresh, sexy glossy magenta, but more a dreary dark or dull reddish tone. Adding tobiko to the poke added a crunchy dimension.

The brown rice could have been better. Too dry, likely not enough water to begin with. More toothy and bite-y than a dang pissed off shark. Admittedly, brown rice will have those qualities, but I could easily make a better batch at home.

Finally, not a fan of the $8 price tag. The menu said it was $6.50. Does this mean I'm paying an extra $1.50 for brown rice? Or is this an outdated menu? Either way, a kiddie-sized portion of average poke and rice with that price -- can you say irked panda?

This is a place with average food at best, and after two trips, the quality I've received just doesn't justify the price tag. Over-the-top service is great, but you also gotta back it up with quality product. 4.5/10

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