Monday, March 5, 2012

Whiffies (Part 2)

It was time for Whiffies to get another shot.

A couple of people had contacted me, proclaiming their undying love for this cart and further pushing the cart up my retry list. For a quick recap, when I tried Whiffies last summer, I received a greasy fried pie with bland filling. So how would it fare this time?

Thanks to Cartathlon II, held this past Saturday, I got to meet Gregg (the owner) and Kit, one of his assistants who recently returned to the cart after an extended hiatus. Knowing that many food carts may only last a few months, it's a big deal that this cart has been around for over two and a half years.

I tried a couple of sweet pies on my visit, because even a spicy panda has a sweet tooth. I mean, do you think pandas would put sugar on their bamboo if they could? I know I would.

Gregg tending to the fryer, whipping up some pies for hungry customers!
Each pie fried up in about 5-6 minutes, wrapped up in some aluminum foil if taking it to go. I shoulda stuck with the plate because the pies didn't make it out of the Cartopia food pod. Yet another massacre at SE 12th and Hawthorne. How many is that now, at least three? I'm such a vicious panda.

Their berry pie has a mixture of marionberries, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. I poked the center, forcing the sweet, syrupy, purplish filling to show its face. Unlike last summer, the pie wasn't very greasy. The filling transmitted such a happy rush of fruitiness. It practically caused berrygasms.

Berry Fried Pie
Mmm...berry filling
The apple fried pie was next. Actual apple slices, still with substantial body to them. No apple-y mush here. I got a noticeable cinnamon jab, and for a cinnaholic like myself, I woulda probably seasoned the whole pie with more cinnamon while doing the Cinnamon Challenge. Again, a non-greasy pie that got my awesome panda approval.

Apple fried pie
Both pies died in less than two minutes. Oh sweet pies, how we hardly knew ye. But feel free to know my stomach well!

It looks like there's an unofficial challenge at Whiffies. How many fried pies can you take down in an hour? The current champ did 11. I'm sure my competitive eating friends will have no problem extending the mark.

Call me a Whiffies convert right now. I'll be back at some point for some savory pies. 7.5/10

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