Sunday, March 25, 2012

Love Love Teriyaki II

Love Love Teriyaki II has several locations throughout Salem, Oregon. This separate review is for the new High St. NE location in downtown Salem. It officially opened on December 26, 2011, replacing Young's Teriyaki (a place I did not have a kind rating for).

Waiting area

Dining area
Ordering counter
Upon entering Love Love Teriyaki, I saw Asian-inspired decor and affordable lunch specials. Good grief, you have made me a triply comfortable panda seeing the bamboo in the corner.

I ordered the spicy chicken and gyoza plate for takeout ($6.50). A healthy portion of rice came in a separate container, while a larger container held a good portion of salad and "spicy" chicken -- emphasis on the quotation marks. While it may have had kick for mere mortals, spicy pandas shrugged any spice off without effort.

Lunch specials menu
(March 2012)
Spicy Chicken & Gyoza Lunch Special
(Love Love Teriyaki II)

Rice in a separate takeout container
Moist sliced chicken, filled with pleasing teriyaki flavors, engulfed my mouth. The salad included a side dressing of sesame oil and soy sauce, very refreshing.. Four fried gyoza cut through the middle of the presentation, each potsticker staying crispy and warm. Perfectly cooked rice rounded out my noshing.

As mentioned earlier, the spicy chicken for me had no heat. But for the average consumer, it's a lovely menu item. I seriously should carry around hot sauce wherever I go.

Head to Love Love Teriyaki II for awesome ambiance, delicious food, and affordable prices! 8.5/10

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