Monday, March 19, 2012

Portland BBQ Company

(UPDATE 1/12/13: Food Carts Portland reports that this cart has closed and will focus on catering)

The Portland BBQ Company is located near on SW Washington, between SW 9th and 10th Ave. Chris Mobray is the owner of this cart, which opened in mid-February 2012.

I had dropped by during the cart's second week, but only for a brief instant due to an impending food coma. Yes, pandas are BBQ gluttons, too! I vowed to return when my stomach was emptier.

As promised, I came by the following week, and another man, Nate, was fielding orders at the front of the cart. He offered to let me sample some items, but, as I do with almost every BBQ establishment, I start with the pulled pork sandwich ($6.50).
(March 2012)
Nate then asked if I wanted a cheesy-onion bun. Huh?! The first BBQ place I've been to that had such an option. Sure, I'll take more flavor!

Pulled pork sandwich w/cheesy onion bun
(Portland BBQ Company)
Just stellar pulled pork. We're talking mega juicy, a hint of smoke, and pork all married. Yeah, it's a threesome of a marriage. That's allowed here. I authorize it, dangit! The slightly crunchy slaw was extremely colorful. Why can't all cole slaws be that way? Seriously, it's freakin' glorious. The tangy BBQ sauce unites everything, a mix between Carolina and Memphis styles.

The bun. Oh, the almighty cheesy-onion bun. Thank you for being thick enough to withstand several ounces of pork, slaw, and sauce. But I also thank you for succumbing to my kickass jaw.

Easily among the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever had, and I lost count a long time ago on how many I've packed away. Personally, the only thing I wish I had was a bottle of morbidly spicy sauce. I should carry one in the glove compartment at all times. Or wear a holster carrying hot sauce bottles. Gotta keep Portland weird.

I love to be wowed, and this was a great start. Perhaps I shoulda just sampled every damn menu item Nate and Chris had there. But that only means I must come back for more so they can get my money. 8.75/10

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