Friday, March 23, 2012

Kaneko Cafe (Part 2)

(Original Review -- Early March 2012)

Mere hours after my original post, a friend told me Kaneko Cafe served sushi on Tuesdays. And since this panda loves sushi, I had to return to Kaneko Cafe ASAP to get my fill!

(Taken last month, when there were no snow showers)
A couple of Tuesdays ago, snow showers pelted Salem. Didn't matter. Mother Nature couldn't stop my food craving on her best day. I walked through the puddles, covered in slushy ice.

The cafe this time also served udon, curry, and yakisoba. But bring on the sushi! With several choices to pick from, I pondered for a good couple of minutes before deciding on the Kaneko Roll, eight pieces each filled with imitation crab (eh, it's a university cafe, what do you expect?), cucumber, fresh tuna, and more.

California rolls (left) and spicy tuna rolls
75 cents per piece...ouch

Sushi menu on 3/13/12
I also took a couple of California sushi pieces and spicy tuna pieces for 75 cents each. That would be a dozen pieces of sushi for $10. I don't think my wallet approved this one. At least the soy sauce is free.

The spicy tuna was the best sushi item I had on this trip. A nice hint of wasabi permeated the fresh tuna. The California roll was fine for what it was, but, I'd rather shell out the extra money for fresh crab meat.

California roll in front, spicy tuna in the back
(Kaneko Cafe)
I ordered the Kaneko roll because the components sounded tasty, but also because the cafe's name is on it. In the end, I thought it was fine, but not anything to go and call home to rave about it. The rice on this freshly made roll was well prepared and lukewarm.

Kaneko Roll
(Kaneko Cafe)
Cross-section of the Kaneko Roll
Yeah, I ate sushi with my hands. My hands are more reliable than chopsticks any day. Did I look like an animal to some people? Maybe. But it's perfectly fine to eat sushi with your hands...really.

I'll probably head back here again at some point, since I'm close by. The noodle dishes, donburi bowls, and the curries all look tasty, so that might be an option for next time. If I get sushi, spicy tuna is my saving grace. All hail the spicy tuna.... 6.75/10

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