Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ribslayer (Part 5)

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(Fourth Review -- August 2011)

Ribslayer has been my most reviewed place to date. Heck, I went three times during the first few days of my blog's existence. Not surprising, given the array of great food.

I don't have much of a post here, but just wanted to pass through the area because Craig had another great limited-time special that intrigued me.

Just done in February 2012. Theresa told me his plan:
Dunk the bun, crumble chips in the meat, and take the slaw like a shot of liquor
Great strategy, fella! Awesome job!
I'm still up there (with my friend Peter) on their wall for finishing the Flaming MOFO challenge!

A $4 Fried Pork Head Biscuit Slider? When I first saw that, I had no clue what to make of it, other than it would be a fairly small portion. Pig head? Head cheese? I was a bit stumped. I honestly just wanted some great food.

OK, so after looking it up, head cheese comes from the head of a calf or pig. Here, it's the pig. It's a type of cold cut meat "jelly" concoction. Oh yeah, I'm glad I didn't comprehend all that before biting in!

Jalapeno relish, dijon, caramelized onion cilantro, and butter lettuce topped this slider. And sure, how about some Flaming MOFO relish and what appeared to be sliced raw jalapenos or serranos on the side? Mmm...spicy.

Fried Pork Head Biscuit Slider
(Ribslayer to Go)
I had almost forgotten how spicy Craig makes the MOFO relish. It's actually spicier than the last time I was there. He puts creamy horseradish in there now, and adds more habanero puree to keep the spice intensity up. Just a little of that punted my taste buds into the next decade. If you also want your taste buds eradicated, now you know where to go!

The slider was delicious, a soothing, juicy blend of harmonious flavors. Adding the raw peppers gave a nice crunch and added a bit more zip. The patty is handmade, very delicate to the touch. None of the elements really screamed "pork" at me, so it was more of a balanced, gourmet-type treat. Oh, and I liked that it was fried. Yes, frying is awesome.

I kept it simple and sparingly dipped the slider into the flaming MOFO relish. At $4, this mini burger is a wonderful gourmet snack. Head cheese delves a little further into Andrew Zimmern territory for me, but I'm glad I had it.

I had thoughts in mind of videotaping some type of spicy challenge. As of right now, I probably won't do their Flaming MOFO challenge again. I've done it twice before in a three-month window during my blog's very early days, and I'm always seeking out new places to try anyway (can't be destroying my palate *all* the time).

I'll probably ponder it some more, make up a new challenge for Ribslayer, and return later in the year. What will it be? Even I don't know all that, but the flaming relish will be in there. Ribslayer still remains in my elite circle of places! 9/10

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