Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Buttered Biscuit

The Buttered Biscuit is a breakfast/lunch dive restaurant in Sumner, Washington. They are probably best known for their biscuits and gravy (S.O.S.) breakfasts. That same gravy smothers their chicken fried steak (your pick...6 oz. or 11 oz.?), just one of many large meals you'll get here. Authentic Gramma food!

I was at Papa Jones BBQ in Tacoma a couple days prior, and one of the patrons mentioned The Buttered Biscuit if I wanted yet another heaping breakfast. Yes, please!

I won't lie, I encountered one heck of a labyrinth trying to get here. Navigating never-before-seen roads was an adventure in itself. And I realized my GPS is quite incompetent at times, telling me to turn where there was no turn possible. After becoming a frustrated panda and threatening to punch my GPS, The Buttered Biscuit popped up out of nowhere. Score one for my GPS breathed a sigh of relief.

The inside was OK with me, but it didn't take my breath away or anything. Water is served in jars, while the tables are laced with pictures and articles. A vintage feel, really.

I took a seat by the pies. Big mistake. $2.95 per slice and they all stared at me. They wanted to be eaten. They must be sick, sick pies for transmitting such thoughts.

I thought about their "Don't Be a Chicken" chicken fried steak dish. Chicken fried steak with their S.O.S. gravy, with Gramma eggs (eggs with lots of diced meat and cheese), grilled onions, and more cheese. But then I saw a "spicy" food option. Magic word ignited!

The "Tess" is a scramble with circular cooked "spud" potatoes on the bottom, sauteed jalapenos, pepperoncinis, onions, sliced kielbasa, and eggs. It's topped with more crispy jalapeno and onion strips, cheddar cheese, and mozzarella.

Before my meal, I received some cornbread with butter and sugar on top. Executed very well, although I coulda done without the butter. The sugar made this side dish a bit too sweet for me to finish.

Buttered Biscuit's buttered, sugared cornbread
A large dish containing my scramble arrived. The menu says I'd get a pitcher of water, but that never happened. I wouldn't need it.

"Tess" Scramble
(The Buttered Biscuit)

The potatoes were very good. Seasoned wonderfully, thinly sliced, and browned on the outside. Having that savory kielbasa in here heightened the meal. The jalapenos and pepperoncinis gave some heat to this "fire ant of a scramble," but I'd be the guy demanding more chiles and hot sauce for next time. I really should think about carrying hot sauce bottles around in a holster.

I laud the cook here for adding the crispy jalapeno and onion strips. Added texture! Fried awesomeness! Before long, the generous portion of food found a home in my belly.

The pies kept wooing me, practically begging me to go all Cookie Monster on them. I decided to spare their lives this time around. It's about time I tortured them by prolonging their stay on death row.

Dessert for another time
Maybe I'll get the "Don't Be a Chicken" next time. It'll depend on my mood, I guess.

The signature S.O.S. items
A great tip from a local, and a pretty nice experience overall. 7.25/10

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