Friday, March 9, 2012

Marcia's Silver Spoon Cafe

Marcia's Silver Spoon Cafe is a breakfast/lunch diner located in Tacoma, Washington.

Since I'd be in the area for a few days, I scoured the internet for some hearty breakfast joints. After all, I firmly believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day -- to the point where I'd eat two or three of them. Along the way, Marcia's namesake restaurant came up. The best breakfast in Tacoma, eh? Had to check it out.

Snow showers started as I parked near Marcia's. The flurries persisted throughout my time in the restaurant. Guess this was Mother Nature's way of telling me to run inside and eat a lot of food.

Sitting at the counter, I saw heaping plates magically appear the the pass. We're talking enormous steroidal-sized portions fit for competitive eaters. If there ever was a happy panda moment in Tacoma during this adventure, I was living it right there.

Marcia Crelling is the owner and operator. Marcia's daughter, Tracie, took my order. I immediately inquired about one of their largest menu items (or so I believe): the Silver Spoon Scramble. At roughly $15 (before tax and tip), it's a mound of home fried potatoes, four eggs, ham, and peppers all combined together. On the top goes tomatoes and shredded cheese. Two pieces of buttered toast on the side. I might not be good at measuring poundage on food, but it had to be around 5-6 pounds total. A July 2010 article quoted Tracie saying this scramble (plus the weight of the plate) would be "probably 10 pounds."

NOTE: There is no official food challenge here (as of this post), but the size of this scramble should help satisfy even the biggest eaters.

You can get sausage gravy on top for $1.49 more ($2.49 if requesting on the side). This time around, I chose to get my extra calories elsewhere and stuck with the scramble as is. Although I'm sure the gravy is excellent, I didn't need it for this mammoth meal.

Silver Spoon Scramble w/wheat toast
(Marcia's Silver Spoon Cafe)

Shot to capture height
Yes, the plate really is that lengthy

The potatoes were extremely soft, yet the slight crunch from the browned exterior (flattop magic!) made the meal that much more enjoyable. I mean, this dish was already amazing to look at, and then it delivered for taste and belly satisfaction. With my trusty Tapatio adding a little zing, I comfortably ate half before packing the rest up. Didn't want a food coma just yet.

Ugh...was a pretty full panda by this point
If anything, the butter had been liberally applied on the wheat toast, which didn't really sit well with me. Perhaps I'll ask for no butter next time. I'm really more of a jam/jelly person anyway. But hey, it's still a Godzilla-sized helping of great food.

I found the interior cramped, but a lot of happy patrons. I spotted dirty carpeted floors. To be fair, it was near closing time, and many customers had already trampled the common area.

Breakfast is served all day on weekends. Yeah! I saw some scrambles on the menu that looked rather tasty. A couple sitting to the left of me ordered some thick Belgian waffles. I initially thought the waffles were gonna have baby wafflettes. Yeesh.

It's too bad I live so far from this place, but I'm glad I checked it out. You want a hungry-person breakfast? Are you growling in the mirror wanting to be some intimidating badass? This is the spot for you. 8.5/10

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