Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Grand Central Bakery

Grand Central Bakery is located on SE Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. Many food carts and brick-and-mortar places get their breads here, so why not go to the source and check it out?

I popped in on a Saturday morning. A busy scene, with patrons everywhere. On my left, the pastries did a stationary striptease of sorts. They wanted me to eat them. I really should carry protection from all that....

Pastries are tempting me

This time, the antidote was a biscuit sandwich. Savory triumphed over sweet! I think I stepped into a parallel universe! The sausage and egg biscuit sandwich shot me in the ass with an arrow! And hot coffee to rub in the wound. Oh, how thoughtful.

One of their buttermilk biscuits is split in half and toasted on the flattop, while an egg and a homemade sausage patty finds a home in the middle. Having that slight crunchiness on the outside of the biscuit is a must-have. To keep it otherwise ungodly delicate and soft is like MacGyver bursting out of a cell with a paper clip and a piece of string.

Sausage and egg biscuit sandwich
(Grand Central Bakery)
The sausage was juicy and savory, yet very controlled on the sodium. It wasn't one of these oversalted hockey pucks of doom. Score another for the good guys! The egg just speaks win, doesn't it? I thank hens all over the world for my blanket of protein.

They serve Stumptown coffee. And the dark French roast was out for the taking. Oh man, why not just grab me by my manly parts. Not fair!

The pastries looked scorned as I left GCB. Yeah, I'm screwed and can't hide from them forever. Don't worry, my lovely pretties. I'll be back to obliterate you very slowly. One by one. I love channeling my sinister panda self. 8.5/10

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