Monday, May 28, 2012

Cloud Cap Coffee Works

Cloud Cap Coffee Works is a food booth located at the Portland Saturday Market (off SW Naito Parkway, near W Burnside).

It's no shock to my friends anymore: I am a coffee addict. As my mom (who came up to visit me recently) immersed herself in the sea of Portland Saturday Market booths, the coffee gods pretty much beckoned to me to enjoy a soothing cup.

Cloud Cap Coffee Works uses a house Sumatra and French Roast blend, which, in my past experiences, usually means full-bodied bliss. I went with a 12 oz. cup for a very reasonable $1.50. No cream and sugar for me. Once you go black, you never go back (maybe).

12 oz. house blend coffee
(Cloud Cap Coffee Works)
The coffee was OK. I didn't get that full-body vibe in this one, and also perhaps just slightly watered down for my tastes. Pandas love strong, full-bodied coffees.

To be fair, they also serve smoothies and have a full espresso bar. I hope to return at a future date to try those. 5/10

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