Monday, May 14, 2012

Maximus Minimus

Maximus Minimus is a food truck found in Seattle, Washington. Why did I go to this food truck? Just look at the photo. Without a doubt, the coolest food truck I've ever seen!

It's a pig-shaped truck!
Regarding the truck name, the owner (Kurt) partially named it after his eldest son, Max. Kurt started calling his son "Maximus" during those lovely teen years. This truck started as a storefront with great pulled pork sandwiches and, with the help of a local designer (Colin Reedy) evolved into the mobile pig that Washington sees today.

The "Maximus" menu has savory, spicy options, while the "Minimus" side has the sweeter, tangy flavors. Not enough spice? Add some "hurt" -- a customized spice combination with powdered chiles -- at no extra charge.

(May 2012)

I opted for the Maximus pork sandwich (extra hurt) with Maximus slaw ($8.50). I really enjoyed the juicy pulled pork, just enough spice on it for me to know it's there. The bun is a bit firm for me, but at least I'll know the sandwich won't disintegrate in my hand.

Maximus pulled pork sandwich with Maximus slaw
(Maximus Minimus)
I loved the extra "hurt" they put on the sandwich. I think I should ask for 10x hurt or something next time, just so my mouth can really feel the torture.

The Maximus slaw has radish and cilantro, with a touch of chipotle peppers. The chipotle helps gives the slaw an orange hue. Its tangy qualities work well with the pulled pork sandwich.

Victoria, who took my order, was very friendly. Glad I got to chat with her for a bit while there was virtually no line in the early stages of lunch service.

During the week, their usual spot is near the corner of 2nd Ave. and Pike in downtown Seattle. On Saturdays, they may be found at the Issaquah Farmers' Market. They may also do other events, so check their page out! 7.75/10

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