Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Eastside Bar & Grill

The Eastside Bar & Grill is a restaurant located within the Coast Bellevue Hotel in Bellevue, Washington. Looked like a great place to have some dinner, so why the heck not?

Pandas can't drive very well. This one (me), in particular, is also pretty stupid (yet still passed the bar exam). Due to my own epic idiocy, the resulting car damage will force me to eat pretty cheaply for a while. Perhaps if I'm desperate, I can volunteer to wash dishes.

Appetizer menu
Dinner menu (side 1)
Dinner menu (side 2)
Eastside Bar & Grill has an upscale, elegant look, but I love that they have some pretty cheap dinner options. They even had a $9 Monte Cristo on that menu. Hadn't had one in a while, so it seemed like the perfect food to get my mind churning positive thoughts. I kept it healthy with some fresh fruit.

Monte Cristo
(Eastside Bar & Grill)
Huge honkin' pieces of fruit awaited me. A slight browning/bruising on a portion of one of the apple slices, but everything was great. The sandwich was food comfort-worthy. A fine job on the egg bread here. Real meat! Real cheese! Lovely strawberry preserves.

Michelle, my server, also was the bartender. No drinks for the panda. I'm apparently dangerous enough while sober. *sigh*

Happy hour is from 4 to 6 p.m., and virtually all appetizers at that time are $5. Even the regular dinner entrees (which include great meat and seafood dishes) are reasonably priced.

Hotel guests benefit from a continental breakfast each morning (weekdays from 6-10; weekends from 7-10). From what I've seen, it's nothing extremely fancy. Mainly cereal, pastries, bagels, coffee, and juice.

Continental Breakfast spread
Certainly worth a second stop for some more great food! But I think I'll pass on the continental breakfast here. It's really just a carb and caffeinated medley of items. 7.5/10

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