Saturday, May 12, 2012

Twinsies (Part 2)

(Original Review -- March 2012)

A couple months ago, I suggested to Nick and Becky to make a "spicy" cupcake. In early May, they invited me to come down and try their newest creation that blended chocolate and cayenne. How did it turn out?

After having lunch with a friend, I told her I was heading to Twinsies afterward, telling her about my challenge to the two co-owners. Although my friend eventually had to return to work, she came with me to check this new cupcake out.

There it was in the display case (and on Facebook), for everyone to see: "Hot Waka" -- after yours truly.

Yet another food item to be named after me
I'm on a heck of a roll here....

Despite being a day old when I tried it, the cupcake still retained its extremely light qualities. The chocolate coating on top added this sweet soft-shell-like texture -- and yes, that's a very good thing. I thought the candied red chile sliver was the perfect garnish. Most importantly, it was an ideal amount of cayenne. It hit the back of my throat and lingered while the chocolate made its way to my stomach. If I can sense the cayenne, the vast majority of the population will, too.

Twinsies has three everyday flavors, up to four gluten-free options (that may or may not be present), and a rotating specialty cupcake list that now exceeds 80 items. The variety is awesome, and the cupcake quality has improved over the last several weeks.

Care to get thrilled? Some of their cupcakes get hit with creamy filling!

On Cinco de Mayo, Twinsies offered a "Muy Caliente" cupcake that had hot chile powder, cayenne, crushed red peppers, and cinnamon, with cayenne-Nutella ganache and chile cream cheese frosting. WTF, that sounds better than the Hot Waka! :-) I hope to be around to try that one!

Anyway, now that Twinsies has options to give the novices a friendly jab, we must have something much more hardcore for my "spicochist" alias. How about ghost peppers, for starters? Maybe some Chocolate (Douglah) 7 Pots? Make my mouth burn! Yeah! Don't worry, I'll return to my asylum cell now. But you won't keep the crazy panda locked up forever.... *sinister grin* 8.5/10

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