Monday, May 28, 2012

Angelina's Greek Cuizina

Angelina's Greek Cuizina is a food booth at the Portland Saturday Market (off SW Naito Parkway, near W Burnside).

Greek food just plain rules. I dunno how I morphed into a Greek panda, but it's pretty cool. Figure all I needed was olive branches in my head on this visit. This time, I got the Chicken Souvlaki ($7), shelling out an extra dollar to add some cucumber and feta.

Their banner mentioned the word "spicy," which turned out to be a tasty, light green-colored jalapeno garlic sauce. This booth even had pepperoncinis for just a little more heat.

The souvlaki was awesome. The freshness of the cucumber and the salty/creamy aspects of the feta just amplified this one. Some of the chicken was the slightest bit dry, but seasoned well and very enjoyable. The pita did well to hold all that epic filling in. The jalapeno-garlic sauce was also a major hit. While it's not super spicy to me, it excels on flavor. Basically, I kept alternating bites of souvlaki and pepperoncini until the food was gone.

Chicken Souvlaki
(Angelina's Greek Cuizina)
It's a very short menu. I'd easily get the chicken option again. Obviously, that lamb/beef gyro is a major item to try, along with the baklava. I really could get used to channeling the Greek panda more often. Check this booth out! 8/10

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