Monday, May 7, 2012

Cool Harry's (Part 2)

(NOTE: Cool Harry's, to my knowledge, is closed. As of early 2013, the cart is now the second home for Rescue Bagels.)

(Original Review -- October 2011)

I returned to Cool Harry's Frozen Yogurt on a sunny day in late April. Springtime means Cool Harry is back, and it was time to get my yogurt fix.

Donutorama had occupied this cart when Cool Harry shuttered for the winter. The former will return in the future, place to be determined.

This is a simple yogurt cart. Two flavors, five different sizes, and generally around three different toppings (could be fruit, granola, etc.). Their Facebook page will announce a secret phrase that could get you free toppings. Since I'm not on my computer at this time, and my phone is still stuck in prehistoric times, no free toppings here.

I just had a Way Small Vanilla and Almond frozen yogurt ($2.75). Even for the smallest size, it had a good amount, a swirling small mountain of dairy awaited its quick deathly trip to my stomach.

Vanilla and Almond frozen yogurt
(Cool Harry's)
The yogurt was good, having a pleasing slight vanilla taste, but seemingly retaining at least a bit of that original tart yogurt essence. It's nowhere near as vanilla-heavy as other yogurts I've had. I'm not sure if I caught very much almond here. I honestly think it would be nice to have had tiny almond pieces in the yogurt itself.

I'd call this an OK experience. Admittedly, there have probably been other featured frozen yogurts in the past that I've missed (and kicked my panda backside later for doing so). Perhaps yet another return is warranted, but I think I can save it for when Oregon hits even hotter temperatures. 6.5/10

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