Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crave (Castle Rock)

Crave, located in Castle Rock, Colorado, is known for their "real burgers" and their gut-busting "Big Bad Wolf" challenge. I did not take the challenge this time, but after my friend raved about this place, I put it on my huge list of places to hit up.

The inside feels quite spacious, with a diner-like feel (a nice counter with stools to watch the cooking, plus many booths). We sat at the counter, not wanting to miss a single second of burger-flipping action. It's mesmerizing stuff, ya know.

Crave has several specialty burger options. For example, the "Luther" replaces the regular burger bun with two glazed doughnuts. The "Nutty Professor" adds peanut butter. Sinful stuff, man. Sinful stuff.

Five of their top sellers
(May change depending on when you go)
(April 2012)
We decided on splitting a "Campfire" burger ($11) for the time being, getting some of their slaw in lieu of fries. The burger uses a buffalo patty with raspberry BBQ sauce, crispy poblano rings, pepper jack cheese, and coffee-dusted onion strings. Coffee-dusted? That's a new one on me.

"Campfire" burger (cut in half) with house slaw
Cross-section shot
Even the back looked pretty awesome
I watched the cook construct several orders. Each time, he pressed down hard on each meat patty. I cringed when seeing that; don't let the juices escape! I'll assume it's the way the supervisor said to do it.

Despite my concerns for a drier patty after all that, the meat still had juice and was cooked very well. I loved the poblanos and the onion strings for that fried, crispy texture. I didn't really catch much coffee essence, but the raspberry BBQ sauce was a huge winner. A lovely sweet and tang duo to bring everything together.

The slaw just had an enormous amount of a creamy dressing that tasted like a combo of 1000 Island and brown mustard. Brown mustard seeds were visible in this one. The slaw tasted great, but just way too much dressing for me.

As stated earlier, the "Big Bad Wolf" challenge requires one person to eat three "loaded 3 Little Pigs" burgers in 45 minutes or less. Winners get the meal free, plus a cool T-shirt. It would be cool to try this one. The food looks excellent. Heck, there's no way you'd go wrong with triple porky bliss.

Big Bad Wolf challenge
Three loaded "3 Little Pigs" burgers!
Some of the people on the wall with their burgers!

In my short visit, I liked what I saw. I hope to return one day. 8/10

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