Monday, April 30, 2012

Taste of Philly

Taste of Philly has multiple locations throughout Colorado. My friend and I ate at the Highlands Ranch spot and briefly visited the newest place in Castle Rock. If you love cheesesteak, you may be interested in their Apollo Cheesesteak Challenge. Click below to find out more!

Highlands Ranch location
The Philly Cheesesteak is yet another food on a growing list that I could associate with killer comfort food. I mean, one giant cheesesteak, some sports, and a cool beverage, and I'll be in my own world for eons.

Menu board
(April 2012)
Just to get a small...taste of Philly, I went with a 6" works cheesesteak ($6). An Amoroso roll gets filled with a chopped beef and white American cheese merger, topped with more cooked peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

6" style!
(Taste of Philly)
Nice cross-section shot
I'm not from Philly, but this is a cheesesteak I'd love to have over and over again. The meat was tender and seasoned perfectly. The cheese just properly united everything. Amoroso rolls are soft when bitten into, but still has that outstanding firm exterior to hold everything in. Win.

The woman taking my order at the Highlands Ranch spot had only been there a couple of weeks. She was very friendly. A pleasure to chat with her.

My friend and I also briefly went to the newest Castle Rock location, which opened in late March. Already two names on their Wall of Fame. Speaking of which...

Castle Rock location
Two names on Wall of Flame at Castle Rock spot
Their Apollo Challenge is a massive 5-pound Philly cheesesteak. One person, in an hour, must take down 44 oz. of meat, 18 oz. of cheese, and 8 oz. of cooked diced onions, all somehow fitting in a 20" Amoroso roll. They will keep you contained in a "control area," and if you leave that space for any reason, you're DQ'd. Only a handful of people have finished at the Highlands Ranch spot.

Wall of Fame at Highlands Ranch location
Steroidal cheesesteak!
That's a LOT of food
Copy of the waiver you must sign
The challenge cheesesteak may come out on this tray
(From Castle Rock location)
One notable name, Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane, has completed this challenge FIVE times overall, including being the second person to do it at the Castle Rock branch.

A-Bomb's photo (Highlands Ranch)
A-Bomb's picture (Castle Rock)
Yes, I would highly consider attempting the $31.50 cheesesteak challenge. Winners get the meal free, a T-shirt, and their pic on the wall.

This place is a huge hit with me. And my friend doesn't have to travel too far to get more. Cue a green, envious panda. 8.5/10

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