Monday, April 30, 2012


Santiago's is a small Mexican location with several locations throughout Colorado. On this trip, I stopped at the Englewood location.

This place is basically known for its spicy green chili, which can be eaten by itself or ladled over a breakfast burrito. In the end, my friend and I benefited from the latter, a smothered breakfast burrito ($3.50). The burrito itself has your typical ingredients, such as eggs and ham. The green chili choices are mild, half-and-half, or hot. While many people love getting the half-and-half, I predictably opted for hot to get the full heat blast.

This was the first (and only) green chili I had in Colorado that made me sweat a bit after eating a good amount. I loved it. It's got a pleasing kick, even when just using jalapenos to add heat and flavor to the chili. Make me hurt some more! The best part: you can also order online from their website!

Nice cross-section of the breakfast burrito
Awesome green chili smothers this one!
While the burrito was rather small, the filling possessed great flavor. Adding shredded cheese significantly contributed to the experience; the green chili melted that cheese properly. Can you say awesome?

I feel like I need to share a rather awkward experience. While taking photos (which I love to do), one of the workers in a blue shirt decided to give me one of those evil eyes, almost like I was some type of criminal. I'm unsure if he was just in a sour mood, or perhaps worried someone was spying on him, but regardless, he needs to have a more pleasant disposition when visible to the general public. Please smile and have a great time. Make your customers feel wanted.

I'd come back for that smothered breakfast burrito. Hopefully, I won't see much of that person in the blue shirt. 7.5/10

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