Monday, April 23, 2012


Jack-n-Grill is a Mexican dive restaurant with three locations in Colorado. My friend and I went to the original location on Federal Blvd. in Denver, founded in 2000. There is also a Jack-n-Grill in Westminster (Sheridan Blvd.) and Littleton (West Belleview).

After seeing this place featured on Man v. Food, I had to come here, despite a mysterious bout of food poisoning that hit a bit earlier in the day.

Federal Blvd. location
If I had felt better, I would have asked my friend if he wanted to team with me and face the 7-pound breakfast burrito in a handicap match. Alas, at the time, I was in no shape to keep down much food, but I still wanted to try a few items off the menu.

Found out later they were constructing some 7-lb burritos!

I asked for just a half bowl ($5) of the pork green chile (with beans), but ended up with a bowl of it ($7). Two warmed flour tortillas were folded on the side. The chili was very delicious and mild, but in the state I was in, I was lucky to get half of it down.

Full bowl of Pork Green Chile w/beans and heated tortillas
My friend got the regular-sized breakfast burrito ($7). Eggs, ham, potatoes, onions, and cheese. More green chili over the top finishes this delicious dish off. I took one bite -- and the smoky ham put me on autopilot. Damn you, you porky piece of epic awesomeness! I ended up eating half. Oops. I wasn't feeling good...really! I let my friend have more of my pork green chile to make up for it.

"Regular-sized" breakfast burrito
Delicious fillings....
Sides of guacamole and sour cream
The 7-pound breakfast burrito at Jack-n-Grill is a solo challenge. No time limit, but no bathroom breaks. Winners get their photo on the wall. Female conquerors get free food for LIFE. And a few women have taken it down. Epic win, don't you think?

Hey ladies! Do you want free food for life?
Just eat a 7-pound burrito! That's all!

Richman's classic reaction to the 7-pound behemoth
This guy is taking on the 7-pound breakfast burrito
Nice of him to let me take his picture
OK, three guys took it on
To my knowledge, none of them finished
Guy on the right was still trying when we left, though
I'll say it now: if I return, I'll get that 7-pound burrito and "force" my friend to help me eat it. It seemed like everyone else in the place was getting it at the time. Three guys behind us were trying the solo challenge, while four guys across from us split two of those monstrous dishes. No one finished. Not surprising when there's roughly seven whole potatoes, a pound of ham, a dozen eggs, a whole onion, and three handfuls of cheese inside two 10" flour tortillas. Don't forget two ladles of green or red chile (or one of each). For $20, it's well worth the price. 8.5/10

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