Monday, April 9, 2012

Broken Yolk Cafe (Corvallis, OR)

The Broken Yolk Cafe is a breakfast-and-lunch establishment in Corvallis, Oregon. It has no affiliation with the much more famous Broken Yolk Cafe in San Diego (the latter being on Man v. Food).

I popped in for a quick takeout order, seeking a good breakfast. One smiling, enthusiastic female server greeted me, almost like I was the coolest family member on the planet. I wanted to look around to make sure she was actually talking to me and not some much cooler person.

Anyway, the Greek omelet ($9.50) was on my agenda this time. Three or four eggs, packed with artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, capers, roasted red peppers, garlic, feta cheese, and spinach. I got home fries and wheat toast.

Greek Omelet
(Broken Yolk Cafe)
The omelet was pretty good, although I question whether it really was 3-4 eggs. Such a cute little guy, I tell ya. Perfect for even a semi-full panda to just completely destroy. Coulda eaten a couple more of those rather easily if I had an empty stomach. The brininess of the artichoke hearts and olives came through. The feta added a bunch of salty flare.

But the home fries looked like some prepackaged deal, so uniformly brown and cubed. Whatever happened to large real potato chunks, browned up on the flattop? All those blackened or really toasty spots on the exterior, with the pillowy soft insides? What I received seriously should be reserved, at best, to school cafeterias. It's pretty much a dang foodie violation to me. I just hope that's also not the case with the hash browns....

The wheat bread was toasted and buttered. Yet, in the styrofoam container (yup, styrofoam), I'm sure the heat emanating from the omelet caused the toast to lose that toasty crunch. I'll take the blame there.

I should have asked for some of that Grandma's homemade jam. People seem to rave about it to no end. Bad biscuit!

People with huge appetites should take a gander at "The Broken Yolk" omelet, which has eight eggs, three types of cheeses, and three types of meat. Yup, bacon is in there. It should stuff many individuals and bring you that much closer to a heart attack. Brilliant!

Despite top-notch professionalism from a great server, the food failed to leave a very strong positive impression on me. I'll call this one an average experience. 5.25/10

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