Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Buff Restaurant

(The next 11 days will focus on my amazing four-day trip in Colorado. Filled with Man v. Food spots, food challenges, and great memories!)

The Buff Restaurant, located in Boulder, Colorado, is probably best known to nonresidents for its appearance on Man v. Food.

Right after my friend picked me up from the airport, we zoomed to Boulder for breakfast. Having seen this place on Man v. Food, my interest reached a significant high.

Breakfast menu
(side 1)
Breakfast menu
(side 2)
The Buff has a lovely homey feel. The server placed a pitcher of lemon water for me to enjoy, while I took in the atmosphere. Colorful cloths instead of napkins added a neat touch to the place. I felt like I could channel my inner wild panda and feel even more at home.

The Huevos Rancheros enticed me the most. Why? Pork green chili FTW. Pandas like me in Oregon are deprived of this awesome creation. It's a mild version here. The flour tortilla (can also get corn tortillas if you want) was warm and satisfying. There's more chiles in the dish...vintage chile fix! The black beans were perfect, but cue the porn music for the runny egg yolk, please!

Huevos Rancheros
(The Buff Restaurant)
Side of corned beef hash
I also sampled a side of corned beef hash. Perhaps the corned beef was slightly on the dry side, but seasoned very well. The diced, cooked veggies added great color. A great pairing with the huevos rancheros.

Along with a coffee, the meal was about $16.25 with tax. It's on the high side if eating it all solo, perhaps much more reasonable if you share with a friend. Greedy, hungry pandas opt for lots of delicious food.

The Buff Restaurant is a great place for a hearty breakfast. Perhaps I'll have room for the "saddlebags" next time. 7.75/10

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