Saturday, April 28, 2012


Snooze is an award-winning breakfast spot with four Colorado locations (plus one in San Diego). A friend and I hit the Centennial location this time. With many rave reviews, one thing was clear: we had to go for the gusto and get a larger breakfast fix.

The inside has a contemporaneous, bright atmosphere, containing a ton of happy patrons. Not surprising, since it's one of the more popular breakfast spots in the state.

I went with the Spuds Deluxe, adding homemade chicken sausage and green chili, plus two poached eggs ($10.50). That sausage was seasoned fairly well, while the green chili here was mild. The poached eggs were absolutely perfect. A healthy portion of shredded hash browns provided a bed for everything else to lay on. Nice browning there, but perhaps could have gone a tad longer. No one thing overpowers another in this one. You'll experience all the textures and flavors.

Spuds Deluxe w/two poached eggs, chicken sausage, and green chili
Perfectly poached eggs
My friend got the pancake flight, three smaller pancakes on a lengthy dish.The pineapple-upside-down pancake was the winner, especially when adding the cinnamon-laced glaze. Real pineapple chunks (small ones) inside the pancake.

Pancake flight
(L to R) Oreo, Cherry Bourbon, and Pineapple Upside Down pancakes
The cherry bourbon pancake was another home run. Bourbon and cherries are just a killer combo.

The pancake of the day was an Oreo pancake. Yup, Oreos inside. They really controlled the sweetness well, and it left me wanting more after I tried one bite.

Snooze clearly lived up to the hype. I hope to be back one day! 8.5/10

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