Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diego Zhang's

Diego Zhang's is a slider burger establishment in Centennial, Colorado. My friend said this place looked pretty good, and after viewing the menu, I had to concur. Hell, why not, let's try this place as well!

We walked in, and damn, what a spacious place! Diego Zhang's prides itself on using worldly flavor influences, showing the slider is a great canvas for any cuisine.

I figured two sliders would be good. I went with a wheat bun for both, possibly the softest wheat slider buns I've ever had. Yeah, that'd be a great start, fellas.

In the Centennial slider, buffalo meat gets blended with jalapenos, poblanos, red peppers, onions, and cilantro. For 50 more cents, I added some melted cheese. Vintage buffalo cheeseburger slider! The meat may have been slightly dry, but buffalo already is a leaner meat than your usual beef.

Centennial on the left, Shanghai on the right
(Diego Zhang's)

The winner of the two -- by virtual Bruce Lee asskicking -- was the Shanghai. Ground chicken blended with carrot, cabbage, and green onion, topped with a sweet/spicy Asian sauce. Extremely flavorful, a party on my tongue. Juicy chicken here makes me one singing happy panda.

The BBQ sauce appears to be (and tastes like) it's KC influenced. It's my favorite type of BBQ sauce, so score another one for Diego's!

While paying over $8 for two sliders seems a bit much, the quality is certainly there. I'd give this one a solid score. 7/10

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