Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blues City Biscuits (Part 4)

(UPDATE 7/7/14: Blues City Biscuits had its last day at the Good Food Here pod on July 6, 2014. Mary, who had run the cart since March 2013, plans to take an extended break.)

(UPDATE 2/23/13: According to Blues City Biscuits' FB page, Kimberly has sold the cart, but the business remains Blues City Biscuits. The new owner plans to reopen on March 1, 2013, at the Good Food Here pod near SE 43rd and Belmont.)

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Blues City Biscuits may have moved to the D-Street Noshery food pod (around SE 33rd and Division), but the food is still outstanding. Kimberly advertised some chocolate gravy -- with a spicy twist. Good enough for me!

(NOTE: The D-Street Noshery pod closed at the end of October 2012)

Blues City Biscuits at D-Street Noshery!
East side of the pod, next to Koi Fusion!
I got reeled in again.

Kimberly dangled ghost peppers in front of my face, the computer being the most evil fishing pole on God's green earth. And I bit hard.

Chocolate bhut jolokia (a"browner" version of the ghost pepper)
It's downright scary how I flock to spicy food, seemingly on autopilot. Kimberly used an evil three-step process, outlined below:

First, post a photo of a lot of dried chiles, especially the ghost pepper.

Note, anything equivalent to this would also likely work. All three steps were done within a 7-day window, and I had no other obligations. Hook, line, and sinker.

It wasn't much of a successful food adventure up to this point. I had one great sandwich, but some of my other choices that I wanted to hit up were closed for various reasons. But when feeling blue, have some ghost peppers. Maybe that should be my new catchphrase.

Kimberly was testing out some new cute miniature biscuits. She's planning to use them at Eat Mobile 2012, taking place at the end of April. But I came for ghost chile chocolate "gravy." Yup. Kimberly added ghost chile powder to the chocolate gravy this time. Don't be fooled...it's an amazing slightly sweet chocolate sauce with that sexy milk chocolate color. It's got an ideal thickness that latches on to each half-biscuit.

Don't even have to ask...ghost chile chocolate all the way!
Are you vegetarian? You're in luck!
I went with the spicy works for mine: bananas, bacon, pecans -- and more ghost chile powder over the top. An image fit for sexy porn music. Thanks to her father, Kimberly obtained some "chocolate" dried ghost peppers, a browner version of the normally red bhut jolokia.

Mini buttermilk biscuits w/ghost chile chocolate gravy, bananas, bacon, & pecans
A little more ghost chile powder over the top!
(Blues City Biscuits)

Even with just the equivalent of half a chocolate ghost pepper, I received a quick rush of spicy madness. I welcomed it with open arms and just continued to eat. Words really can't describe how good it was. Bacon by itself makes everything better. And then we kick it up several notches with some ghost chile powder.

Many of us "chileheads" give the resulting burn of the spiciest peppers about 10-15 minutes to totally disappear. That was the case here for me. Temporary, panda-pleasing pain that I'll have happy dreams about. No wonder some of my friends call me a spicochist....

For the record, no bad aftereffects from consuming spicy food. Iron gut strikes again!

This is one of my all-time favorite spicy meals. Being able to balance sweet with powerful heat will win me over every time. While the chocolate gravy is not always on the menu (at least for right now), Kimberly always has sriracha and ghost chile powder on hand. So if you want some spicier meals at this cart, just ask!

Kimberly's business card
I've continually been blown away with excellent food. Knowing I can get delicious spicy options here is a huge bonus. More people need to go to this elite food cart. At the very least, I'm confident you'll be a fan of this place. 9.5/10

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