Saturday, April 21, 2012

West End Tavern

The West End Tavern in Boulder, Colorado, is home to the "Wing King Challenge," as seen on Man v. Food. Fifty wings in thirty minutes. I'm sure my friends would love to see me die trying on this one. Alas, a buddy and I stopped in for an appetizer instead.

I admit, I'm not a person who frequents bars, pubs, or the equivalent very often these days. That was certainly a part of my life many moons ago, but I somehow went a complete 180 cold turkey.

After eating a few other dishes earlier in the day, I still wanted a good appetizer. The friendly staff here made West End a great place to hang out.

My friend pointed out the $9 House Smoked Pork Ribs. That pretty much set off my giddy panda mode. Legal drugs to me, really. I had no clue what a burnt onion BBQ sauce was, but we went with it.

Sorry, no Wing King challenge for me
I personally suck at eating wings anyway
Freakin' outstanding. Easily one of best ribs I've ever had. Literally clean, fall-off-the-bone amazing. Smoked to perfection without having an overpowering smoky essence. The burnt onion BBQ sauce has a nice sweetness to pair with the meat.

House Smoked Pork Ribs w/slaw and burnt onion BBQ sauce
(West End Tavern)
A great shot at how the meat EASILY came off the bone
Literally falling off!
A tangy slaw on the side added to the presentation, providing multiple contrasts to the meat. This epic appetizer was the ideal yin and yang for a flavor party. Heck, the BBQ sauce went well with the slaw.

I can't go into the upper echelons of my rating because I merely had an appetizer. However, I can just imagine what the rest of West End Tavern's menu is like. Maybe one day, I'll be able to return and find out firsthand! 8.75/10

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