Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mad Greek Deli (Part 2)

(Original Review -- March 2012, visited mid-February)

I really wasn't planning on hitting Mad Greek Deli the other week. But something happened that almost never happens to me: I actually won free food. $25 worth, up to two people at dinnertime, for just one visit. Since I also only had a few days to get my grub, I made a quick detour to redeem my prize on March 29.

East Burnside location
 Yup, go to their business Facebook page, because each Monday and Tuesday, ten people (five at Burnside and five at Rock Creek) will be picked, each winning a free dinner for two, worth up to $25. Apparently, even I can strike gold in a bed full of needles, Not to mention, it was a good way to get my Greek fix on.

I took full advantage, running the gamut of what I hadn't tried yet.

Yay for free food! Like them on Facebook!
(Visited MGD on 3/29, had until 3/31 to claim my prize)

My bounty of food at Mad Greek Deli!
$24.70 worth, to be exact
Meat and veggie dolmas were first on my list. For me, the meat version was by far the better of the two. The veggie dolma, on the other hand, merely had rice and spices -- and the rice was overcooked/mushy here. The meat dolma included traditional avgolemono sauce, brightening the dish up.

Veggie dolma
Meat dolma
Moussaka features layers of eggplant, potato, and seasoned meat, topped with bechamel sauce. Delicious. Everything cooked properly, ideally seasoned. Panda jumping jacks for sure!

Pastichio starts with a foundation of macaroni noodles, layered with seasoned meat and bechamel. It's Pondo's favorite, just FYI. I thought the macaroni was cooked perfectly, but the overall dish, in my book, needed just a little more seasoning.

Baklava? OK, how about chocolate baklava? You read that correct, ladies and gents, chocolate baklava. I'm quite sure that's not an everyday menu item, but if you happen to come across that on your next visit, get it. I continue to dream of chocolate baklava every damn night. Dammit, can we censor the dream sequence so I can become one with the baklava?! Oh, you're unable to erase that awkward image from your memory bank? Oops.

Chocolate baklava?!
OK, well, just get a Foti's gyro with lamb. That, hands down, was one of the best gyros I've ever had. The sliced lamb/beef strips were juicy and 100% solid on the seasoning. Crunchy, refreshing veggies. Tzatziki, spot on. Pita was proper in toasting, pliability, and thickness. And add feta. Thank me later while I finish my pathetic cartwheels and proceed into a Greek food coma.

Foti's Lamb/Beef Gyro
One of the best gyros I've had, period
While my food haul had a few ups and downs, the big home runs (such as the gyro and baklava) substantially outweighed any negatives. Hit up Mad Greek Deli now, before I head back and begin to eat everything in sight again. 8/10 (so it's a slight decrease from last time, but still a wonderful place!)

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